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Labour Law

we provide a full range of services relating to employment matters in Dubai and UAE, as well as to international and local businesses. The scope of service that our firm provides includes drafting employment contracts and other documents, representing clients before the Ministry of Labour, as well as Dubai Courts. We also advise on compliance with domestic employment and immigration regulations in the UAE.

Drafting Contracts

Signing a contract is the beginning and a significant point in any kind of civil and commercial relationship. It is important that each party is aware of his obligations in the contract, as well as his partner’s obligations. We provide advice on entering into commercial contracts and business relationships. We have experience in dealing with contractual disputes and of preserving a working relationship between the two parties. We also revise and examine contracts that clients are considering entering into and suggest the best way of protecting their interests.

Insurance Law

We offer a full legal service in this competitive sector and provide advice and support to a number of insurance companies operating in the UAE. We have specialist lawyers who have a wealth of experience in this complicated area who can draft insurance policies, negotiate partnership agreements with other service providers and resolve conflicts between the insured parties and their insurance companies, as well as counseling and arbitration.

Criminal Law

Our criminal lawyers can provide assistance to our clients, as a complainant or accused, regarding all matters within criminal law, especially financial crimes, such as unpaid cheques, fraud and theft. We will attend clients at the police station, public prosecution and criminal courts. We have experience of high-profile criminal cases.

Commercial & Corporate

We provide a full legal service, in relation to commercial and corporate matters and give legal support for the formation of companies, restructuring and reorganization of companies, mergers and acquisitions, guidance on day-to-day operations, including regulatory and compliance matters. We advise companies on commercial contracts, agency and distribution agreements, as well as drafting these documents and assisting in negotiations. We provide support in setting up a legal entity in the UAE or branch of a foreign company in the region, as well as incorporation of offshore companies. We are also experienced in dealing with commercial disputes and suggesting pragmatic solutions.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We have considerable experience and expertise in resolving disputes and we are licensed to attend the Dubai and Federal Courts in the UAE, as well as the DIFC Courts. After detailed analysis of your dispute, we suggest pragmatic solutions to your problem, whether by litigation in the courts, conciliation and settlement or arbitration. We present tenants and landlords before Dubai Municipality’s Rent Committee in relation to settlement of rental disputes. We give advice on arbitration and on arbitration institutions in the UAE and abroad, as well as representing our clients in these institutions. We are registered as an arbitrator in the Abu-Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Center.

Private Notary Services

Ratification on contracts

Private Notary Services

Ratification on contracts

Private Notary Services

Ratification on contracts

Private Notary Services

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Ratification On Power of Attorney

Private Notary Services

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Judicial Notifications

Private Notary Services

Fast Track Notary Services


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